SSDD Questions

Same surface different deep (SSDD) problems are a concept from Craig Barton, where he asks different questions based on one concept. You can read all about them here on Craig’s website. There are plenty of resources that can be used for IB, mainly look through the A-level content. I have also started developing some for the IB. Here are my attempts so far, all made in Google, so you can copy for your own class.

Straight linesCompleting the Square, Functions, Logarithms, Binomial probabilities.

They are also added onto my website under the appropriated lessons.

My website ( is now fully updated ready for the new courses that start August 2019, for first examination in 2021. I am phasing out paid memberships, so all new courses are free. I am including many resources, such as Google Docs for use in teaching that will allow teachers to edit and adjust to their own style.

At present the website is fully functional, but their are some areas that are lacking in content, such as Voronoi for AI courses, and some areas of the HL AI course. I have material ready to publish but it will need checking first. I plan to grow these areas as I teach and plan for them.

Some major changes that will happen are more resources from other teachers, such as Geogebra and Desmos lessons that are already in the public domain – all of these have been credited on my website.

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice for me goes hand-in-hand with spacing or spaced practice. In the 2018-2019 academic year I tried various retrieval ideas, but settled on setting spaced/retrieval homework, and completing starter low quiz tests twice a week (I teach most classes 4 times a week, for 50 minutes). 

Thanks to @BeckyHall75 on Twitter who gave me the idea of making up these quizzes: last lesson; last week; last unit; last year. Making these quizzes can take a little time, but they are invaluable to students.

IB New Courses

Since the changes were made public in February I have been working on updating resources and getting my head around the new 2019 curriculum. Opposite is a very simple slideshow on the changes. The colour codes will be used on my free resource platform ( for the teaching of each level.

I am also sharing a more comprehensive guide from Revision Village.