Spaced practice was one of the aspects of my teaching that I worked on for 2018-2019 academic year. The idea is simple and I worked on implementing two very easy strategies: spacing tests, spacing homework. I also put in regular low-quiz retrieval tests to complement the spacing.

With my classes I spaced all end-of-unit tests to be at least one unit apart. So for example at IB I would teach Quadratics, then functions, logarithms. The test for quadratics would be at the end of the functions section. I allowed students the opportunity to have one or two lessons revision time, that included structured work and a revision form for homework.

Homework was all on work that had been completed, getting away from the model of teach and then set homework. I set homework (usually online Myimaths or Google forms) that I knew we had covered, and left links for video or example work if required.

Did it work? I have no evidence to say it worked, but it made my teaching seem better, and put a structure in place for the students.

I have included links to the learning podcasts on spaced practice, but also check out the retrieval practice posts with more links.